When is the latest I can pick up my child from class for an appointment or other reason?

  • The latest a student will be called out of class is 2:00 pm.

Is there Before/After school care? 

  • Yes. There is Before/After school Care. Click here to learn more.

What specials do the school offer?

  • Our school currently offers, Art, Spanish, Music, Character Ed. and P.E. for all grades. 

How many students are in a class?  

  • The maximum is 20 per class in Kindergarten. For 1st-5th grades, the maximum is 25 students per class.  


Does the school have a cafeteria/hot lunch option? 

  • LCA does not have a school cafeteria. All students eat in their classrooms. 

How do I order hot lunches and what is the deadline for ordering?

  • Parents can order hot lunches by the week and can select the days they need the lunch for. 

Is there a school nurse?

  • At this time, there is not a school nurse, which is very common for charter schools. However, the office staff and additional staff are trained in basic first aid and CPR. The staff will take a cautious approach and notify parents of any bumps, bruises, cuts, or if child is sick.